16 Lighthouse Road (A Cedar Cove Novel, Book 1)

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My marriage failed some years ago, and I have a rather Then there's my mother, Charlotte, who has plenty of opinions and is always willing to share them. Here's an example. I'm a family court judge and she likes to drop in on my courtroom.


Recently I was hearing a divorce petition. In my mother's view, young Cecilia and Ian Randall hadn't tried hard enough to make their marriage work--and I actually agreed. So I rendered my judgment: Divorce Denied.

Well, you wouldn't believe the reaction! Thanks to an article by Jack Griffin, the editor of our local paper and a man I wouldn't mind seeing more of , everyone's talking. Cedar Cove--people love it and sometimes they leave it, but they never forget it! Fiction Romance.

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Cedar Cove - Book Series In Order

Add it now to start borrowing from the collection. The library card you previously added can't be used to complete this action. The series takes place in Cedar Cove, Washington, a scenic little town where the people are interesting and their stories could be real. The series follows the people who live in the title address and the characters they interact with.

16 Lighthouse Road

In this book we meet Olivia Lockhart, who lives at 16 Lighthouse Road. Olivia is a family court judge who makes news when she denies a prenuptial agreement dissolution for a couple, Cecilia and Ian Randall, who are seeking a divorce after the tragic death of their newborn daughter.

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We also meet Olivia's mother, Charlotte who makes friends with a stroke victim, Olivia's daughter Justine who is in a relationship with a much older man who is also drawn to an old schoolmate. We meet Grace, Olivia's best friend, who is dealing with the disappearance of her husband and the newly arrived newspaper editor Jack Griffin.

Olivia finds herself drawn to Jack and they start to see one another. As they work through their relationship, we also get an inside view to many other relationships at work through the town. Macomber draws us into a wonderful new world where the people jump off the page at you and are extremely likeable. I enjoyed the first book to the series and enjoyed meeting all the new characters.

As Ms. Macomber leaves us wanting more with the other storylines, I am quite glad to say that Ms. Macomber continues with many more books in the series, including 74 Seaside Avenue, which releases in August of I have placed this book in my "keep library" with the rest of this series and would encourage anyone who enjoys a good, contemporary, series to pick this book, and the rest of the series, up.

You don't know me yet, but in a few hours that's going to change. You see, I'm inviting you to my home and my town of Cedar Cove because I want ou to meet my family, friends, and neighbors. Come and hear their stories - maybe even their secrets!

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I have to admit that my own secrets are pretty open.