Absurdities of the Bible

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Maybe God created other humans, though there's no mention of them. Also, they presumably wouldn't have been tainted by original sin. We get another example of forced in-breeding after the flood, when the population of humanity was reduced to just 8. Noah's grand-children would have had to marry their cousins. I skip now to Exodus. God rescues the Jews from Egypt. Being omnipotent he could just have magically transported them to the promised land. But that lacked drama. Instead he persecutes the Egyptians with a series of plagues. On more than one occasion Pharaoh realises the error of his ways Ex.

The Jews finally escape, amid much slaughter of Egyptians, all unnecessary Ex. Despite all the wonders they have seen, the Israelites revert to worshipping false idols at the drop of a hat. Even God appearing to them on Mount Sinai Ex.

Absurdity of Biblical Inerrancy

The Israelites continue to be a fickle lot. How stupid were these people? I'm an atheist, but after a display like that, I'd be the last person to stick my neck out and criticise Moses. For the rest of the old testament, several centuries or more, God intervenes at various times in the affairs of the Israelites, usually via a prophet.

The Bible's Scientific Absurdities.

This is an interesting arrangement: why are God's revelations given to prophets instead of to everyone? Why entrust them to one person, and then rely on them to pass your teachings on to everyone else? A highly profitable arrangement for the prophets though.

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His laws are very specific, from keeping the sabbath holy down to what to wear and how to treat your slaves. But they only apply to the Jews. I don't believe there's any point where God tells to get the Israelites to spread his word to the rest of humanity.

Absurdities in Scripture

If he tried it himself, he was spectacularly unsuccessful. So God, creator of this vast cosmos and the human race, is concerned only with one tiny portion of both: the Israelites and a patch of land on the western edge of the mediterranean. Eventually, years ago, God finally decides to take an interest in the rest of Humanity. Perhaps to make up for thousands of years of negligence, he decides to come down in person to spread his message. Where does he decide to go to?

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Could anyone get any positive evidence that would compel believe in this story today? Miraculous births were fashionable in those days, especially in Rome, where most of Christianity developed. Caesar had a miraculous birth, Cicero, Alexander the Great—great men just had to have miraculous births. Have the laws of Nature changed since then, or were they all fanciful? Today, such tales would be rejected, yet Christians, especially born-agains must believe their bibles without a shadow of doubt.

If they do not they are saying that the bible is not true. If it is not true, it must be lying.

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Proof is that Jesus had brothers and sisters, and his genealogy by Matthew is traced to his father, Joseph. There are many curious tales but also many revolting and immoral ones in the Jewish scriptures , some of which have their equals in other mythologies. The difference is that these, being biblical, are the infallible word of God which must be believed by anyone not wanting to lose their immortal soul to the flames of Old Nick:.

And many more! These are the infallible or the inspired word of God—depending upon your degree of fundamentalism—which God, speaking in his aspect of the Son, advocated wholeheartedly and which Christians, for that reason, still believe to this day though most of it is incredible.

Can Christianity therefore be sound in its moral teaching? According to the scriptures , which anyone may freely search, God advised or countenanced:. It can be argued that these are practices that were appropriate to their time but, even if this be accepted, we have then to ask why they remain in the infallible word of God, a justification for human ghouls everywhere in Christendom. The absurdity of believing in Yehouah as a kind or logical entity may be exposed with impunity from the pages of the Holy Book itself. Indeed it is indicative of the totalitarian power of the priesthood and the gullibility of the people that this pigs ear of a religion has survived for so long.

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For commercial permissions apply to AskWhy! All rights reserved. Get the AskWhy! Christian and Jewish History widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! The absurdities of the bible are used to indoctrinate children still. Keep praying until God answers.

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