Alimentos globalizados: Soberanía alimentaria y comercio justo (Spanish Edition)

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Secondo il giornale, un'agenzia d'intelligence britannica avrebbe anche usato le informazioni raccolte. Le preoccupazioni riguardano in particolare l'accesso, da parte degli organismi di intelligence statunitensi, ai dati trasferiti nell'ambito dell'accordo UE-USA sull'approdo sicuro Safe Harbour. New and disturbing revelations are reaching us practically on a daily basis from the mole at the American National Security Agency in the context of the Datagate scandal.

According to the paper, a British intelligence agency has also made use of the information collected. Although the NSA is continuing to present its line of defence that the Agency's operations are not indiscriminate or dissociated from investigations currently in progress, the aim of which is to combat and frustrate the threat of terrorism, one cannot but express increasing concern in the face of the penetration of such activities into the lives of European citizens. It intends to present an opinion on proposals imminently to be presented by President Obama in relation to the actions of the NSA?

It intends to launch a study on the cybernetic tools available to strengthen the security and defend the privacy of European citizens? The Commission is concerned about the impact of US large-scale intelligence collection programmes on fundamental rights. This will provide the necessary legal stability by ensuring that non-EU companies, when offering services to EU consumers, respect EU data protection law, with dissuasive sanctions. Any revision of that directive will take into account the negotiations on the data protection framework.

Month: June 2009

Circuses that employ animals represent the most unacceptable face of treatment of wild animals in the European Union: the animals are forced to survive in lorry trailers, in unreal and unnatural surroundings, and trained using aggressive and physically violent behaviour to do their job of entertaining the spectators.

These circuses, whose publicity is based solely on misleading European boys and girls, lag far behind on other animal welfare issues in nearly all Member States. This is due to the strength of a number of pressure groups that have done all they can to prevent progress towards banning the use of live animals in unnatural spectacles.

Declaración Alimentaria Europea

It is bizarre to think that a tiger who lives in a cage and spends its days jumping through hoops of fire, or gregarious species such as elephants and rhinoceros who, in their natural habitat, walk miles every day, could have a decent life in a circus. The alternative is the reputable employment niche of international shows such as the Cirque du Soleil, which encourages creativity and a spirit of professional improvement without harming or exploiting wild animals.

Is the Commission considering the implementation of any measures restricting the use of wild animals in circus shows? Is the Commission aware of studies questioning the use of animals in circuses, such as the study conducted by researchers from Bristol University? The Commission is informed that Member States have different policies regarding the keeping of wild animals in circuses. However, the Commission is of the opinion that the correct application of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality requires that the banning of wild animals kept in circuses for purposes of animal welfare is not a subject matter that should be decided upon at the European Union law level but rather should be left to the Member States concerned.

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In view of the above, the Commission does not intend to make legislative proposals aimed at banning the use of wild animals in circuses and other similar enterprises for reasons of animal welfare. Its objective, from the outset, was clear: to help Iraq to rebuild after the war, by contributing to the training of Iraqi civil servants in the police, justice and prison administration services.

But is it really possible to talk about success when claimed the most victims in Iraq since ? We have a responsibility with respect to the Iraqi people.


Are we forgetting the importance of justice and law enforcement agencies in establishing a strong and recognised rule of law? The promotion of a culture of respect for human rights and the creation of a rule of law system is an on-going effort. Finally, the partnership and cooperation agreement provides also a valuable framework for enhancing our cooperation and dialogue in this area. Le travail de l'ambassadeur A. The role of EU Special Representative was created in , in order to represent the European Union in regions or countries that are experiencing major unrest and with the aim of actively participating in building peace, stability and the rule of law.

In , with the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon and the formation of the European External Action Service, the power to create and appoint special representatives has been granted to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs, and no longer to Member States.

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Baroness Ashton recently decided to do away with the position of Special Representative for the Middle East and, despite fierce opposition from Member States, her position has not changed. Is the European Union resigning itself to no longer playing a decisive role on the international scene? And what message of hope does this send to the people? The abolition of this post weakens the role of special representative; it cannot pass by unchallenged.

It is for that reason that I am asking the High Representative to explain to the citizens that I represent exactly why this decision has been made and to tell them what tools of influence the European Union is replacing this role with in the Middle East?

Indigenous Rights, Diversity and Democracy

The EU has consistently contributed to the resumption of the present — US brokered — peace negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian sides and continues to support these efforts by all means at its disposal. Peace and stability in the Middle East belong to the EU's fundamental interests and key foreign policy priorities. In these efforts, she has been assisted by Deputy Secretary General H. Ambassador A. Oggetto: Casi di rinvio pregiudiziale — rispetto delle norme UE. Simmenthal , ma anche di tutti gli organi dell'amministrazione cfr.

Ciola ;.

Synonyms and antonyms of soberanía in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms

Simmenthal but also to all administrative authorities cf. Le traduzioni nelle altre 23 lingue ufficiali dell'Unione non saranno disponibili prima dell'aprile Le candidature possono essere presentate in una qualsiasi delle lingue ufficiali. Pertanto la Commissione non ritiene che alcun gruppo di candidati potenziali sia stato posto in una situazione di svantaggio. In effetti, un simile ritardo avrebbe un impatto negativo sostanziale sui cittadini e sulle organizzazioni dell'UE che desiderino partecipare al programma.

So far, only the call for proposals has been translated into the 23 official languages, while the programme, regulations and submission documents have been published in English alone. This launch took place on Applications can be submitted in any official language. Thus the Commission does not consider that any group of potential applicants has been put at a disadvantage. It is a long document that is currently being translated by the Commission's services, which are also simultaneously translating similar guides in respect of the other new EU programmes.

The Guide will be made available in all languages as soon as possible. Indeed, any such delay would have had a substantial negative impact on EU citizens and organisations wishing to participate in the programme. Nel il governo iraniano si era addirittura vantato di mirare a portare le sue navi nelle acque internazionali al largo della costa statunitense.

Princeton University Library Catalog

According to Iranian state television, this is the first time in the history of the Islamic Republic that Iran has sent ships on a mission to the Atlantic. These include the destroyer ship the Salaban and the Kharg logistic warship, which is capable of carrying helicopters. According to the Associated Press, Iran hopes to demonstrate its military power across the Middle East. It already regularly deploys warships to the Gulf of Aden. Does the Commission consider it necessary to draw up a new schedule of deadlines for the programme to enable all persons interested in participating in the call for proposals to access a guide to the programme in their own language, and hence submit proposals in good time?

Applications can be submitted in any official EU language. It is a long document that is currently being translated by the Commission's services, which are also translating similar guides for the other new EU programmes. Two Italian citizens, Francesco Scalise and Luciano Gallo, construction workers of Calabrian origin, were kidnapped in Libya by an armed gang near the village of Martuba between the towns of Derna and Tobruk. The regions concerned have also expressed an interest in a system for coordinating measures taken by southern European and neighbouring countries. Although the political situation in some countries is unstable, this would not necessarily be an impediment to the development of a strategy for this region.

The political and economic impetus generated by a macro-regional strategy would help to create a structure for an area which is essential to the development of Europe and its Mediterranean neighbours. Countries which wish to cooperate more closely and fulfill certain criteria, in particular those stipulated in the report, may request a macro-regional strategy through the Council. As a key pre-requisite, the participating countries must be ready to translate the political commitment into administrative resources, and to demonstrate their capacity to bring forward practical and clear results.

The Commission welcomes any moves towards a better use of the many existing sources of funding for the Mediterranean area, including the numerous territorial cooperation programmes which will operate there, and encourages programme partners to maximise synergies with the other donors and making best use of the Union for the Mediterranean. Agora, corre o risco de se afastar mais ainda dessas metas. There is today, in Portugal, a national rallying of members of the scientific community protesting against the recent cuts in research funding and, in general, in the budget for science and research.

The lives of thousands of candidates and the development and continuation of thousands of research projects are thus now seriously compromised. Many research centres will be stripped of the enormous critical mass and workforce potential which, in many cases, guarantee the functioning of these centres, constituting essential elements in the national scientific system. For many of these research workers, emigration will be the only option.

Others will move to a different area.

In either of these events we would be wasting all the investment which the country made in training them. It is very probable that the country will end up losing a large percentage of the research workers which it trained and funded over several years. This situation would be in direct conflict with all the talk of a supposed backing of science and innovation in the period As we are already aware, Portugal has not yet reached the targets established long ago in respect of the level of investment in science and in those who work in the scientific field.

It now runs the risk of being even further away from achieving these targets. Taking into consideration the importance which has been attributed to matters of science and innovation, has the Council discussed or does it intend to discuss this matter in a forthcoming meeting? In which other countries has the progress in awarding funding for research followed a path similar to that in Portugal? The Council has not discussed and does not intend to discuss the issue raised by the Honourable Members, as it does not fall within its sphere of competence. Funding of national research systems falls within the Member States' competence, including the funding of doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. For detailed and up-to-date information on national policies and their implementation by organisations that fund and perform research in individual Member States, the Honourable Members are kindly invited to turn to the Commission.

In the light of the above, does the Commission intend to apply pressure on armed groups and other actors involved in the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the CAR? The EU has a comprehensive approach focusing on stability first, but also on building state capacity and improving governance. So, CAR does not have the right to trade in rough diamonds. The plenary has requested the Working Group on Monitoring currently chaired by the EU to keep the situation under review, in consultation with the other working bodies of the KP. I casi di stalking denunciati sono saliti da casi a Non sono disponibili a livello unionale dati ufficiali comparabili sulla violenza contro le donne.

Per conoscere meglio la diffusione del fenomeno, la Commissione sta studiando il modo di utilizzare le statistiche Eurostat esistenti e partecipa attivamente ai lavori dell'Istituto europeo per l'uguaglianza di genere. The rise in the number of reported cases could be linked to an increase in the number of crimes, but it might also be that more victims are deciding to report cases now than have done in the past.

It is however an undisputed fact that the number of people arrested and detained having been caught in the act of committing a crime has risen from to The action plan implementing the Stockholm Programme, the Women's Charter and the strategy for Equality between Women and Men show the Commission's commitment to combating violence against women. The Commission has provided funding to governments and civil society organisations to support initiatives to tackle violence against women, under the Daphne and Progress programmes.