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Carey is slow to trust people because of the time she spent in the woods. Carey's big secret was dark, yet Carey doesn't realize that her secret isn't really dark at all. She is just guilty, but it isn't her fault. Carey, like a lot of women in the world, is slow to forgive things. Carey is such a complex character with a lot of depth like the Pacific Ocean. And she is only fourteen years old. Totally like a huntress. Carey's sister biological.

Who couldn't fall in love with a girl like Jennessa? She is so adorable.

Jenessa is six years old. She seems much more mature than how old she really is. I wish there are more six year olds like her. The world of six years old will suddenly be a whole lot more cuter! Jenessa is selectively mute. The why question? Because of Carey's dark secret. Carey's other sister by marriage. And evil stepsister. I love how her attitude change throughout the book.

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When Carey discovers her sister's dirty secrets, Carey and her stepsister are a little closer to each other. They are friendlier. I love the character change. The plot was good. The twists and turns can make the reader's jaw drop all the way to the ground. Some of it was just outrageous in a good way, of course. Many of it was shocking. Just WOW! I mentioned that Carey drops a little of her past bit by bit right? Every little word or sentence or even paragraph will echo in the reader's mind until they can process it.

Actually, even if the reader can process it, the words will echo for a very long time. The darkest secret was so dark that I shut the book and didn't start reading it again for a long time. I love all these little references to Winnie the Pooh, Emily Dickinson, and other famous poets. These little references totally helped me understand the story.

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The little sections of poems and references to Winnie the Pooh somehow made the book a little more realistic. With her shotgun.

Because he was a threat to Jenessa and Carey. He wanted money and Carey's mother. Del's a Sophomore. End Spoilers This book's rating is a five out of five. AH Alison Hong. June 11, A heartbreaking and sad but beautiful story about a girl kidnapped by her meth-addicted mother when she was only four years old that will make you think what true love can do to save the people we love. Carey and her mother live in a broken broken-down camper in the woods after she kidnapped her from her father who had her custody. Carey had to grow much faster than any child should after Jenessa her little sister was born.

She practically become her Ness as Carey called her mother, taking care of her while their mother left them for moths to get supplies and her drugs. They live there hidden from the world for almost as long as they can remember, but one day their mother lefts and never returns. The girls are taken by their long lost father to live a normal life after all the pain and suffering.

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That's when Carey and Nessa's lives change forever and they discover true love apart from the only love they ever had, each other. I felt in love with the story right away because of Carey's courage and loyalty; I could not put it down. The writing was absolutely gorgeous. The best part of this book is the strong, unbreakable and breathtaking sisterly bond between Carey and Jenessa. I love how there relationship develops and becomes more power with each passing page.

This story will make you want to protest Carey and Ness from all the harm and suffering they endured.

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This book will never leave my heart, I will always remember how strong Carey and Ness were. I am so glad I won this book in the first reads giveaway.

Such a uplifting story that makes love and family the most important theme in the story. I wish Murdoch makes a sequel; I want to know what happens to Carey after her secret is revealed. It was a special story with lots of love put into. Viviana Ortiz Top Reviewer 46 reviews. If You Find Me. May 23, I never thought I'd feel this way after reading the book.

I didn't feel the connection in an instant the moment I started reading the book but as the story progressed, it pulled me towards it.

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It was heartbreaking, compelling and poignant. There's reality in it no matter how rare those things happen in real life.

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The emotions were there and the characters were tangible. Everything felt real. I love how Murdoch maintained few characters and avoided a circus out of it. It was more believable because of Carey's background. The way each scenes rolled out was well-paced. It built suspense and makes you wanna read faster but at the same time, I felt like I wanna be suspended in time and slowly take it all in.