Là ci darem la mano (for solo piano)

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The Symphony No. Arguably the most lyrical of the three last symphonies Eric Blom describes it as being the most lyrical music in existence , the work is perfectly conceived from start to finish. The other two symphonies have long been more appreciated for their dramatic properties, but the sheer miraculous beauty of this work defies comparison. The symphony is in four movements. The first commences with a Mozartian surprise — a Haydnesque Adagio which Mozart had hitherto eschewed using during all his years in Vienna.

Variations sur Là ci darem la mano de Don Juan de Mozart, op. 2 (Frédéric Chopin)

But what use he makes of it here! Persistent rhythms allied to chromatic chordal progressions create an almost unbearable inner tension, which only is resolved with the advent of the tranquil yet strangely melancholy Allegro. The movement progresses naturally at first, but a disquieting reminder of the opening bars appears to herald the arrival of the second subject. A brilliant development section soon gives way to the recapitulation and a splendid coda. The second movement, marked Andante con moto, is based on one exquisite melody.

Moulded and shaped by the constantly varying harmonic and orchestral textures that interweave underneath it, the single melody shines through the whole movement until a completely original closing phrase prepares the ground for the Menuetto.

The third movement, which features the use of both trumpets and drums, is both stately and aristocratic, but a wonderfully dramatic contrast soon arrives with the appearance of a rustic Trio in the style of an Austrian peasant dance. The finale, an Allegro, is immediately cheerful in a Haydnesque manner but patrician in its overall effect.

Mozart here uses a system of related themes to achieve a sense of perfect order and structural integrity while at the same time he gambles and wins with a development section filled with an nearly uncontrollable series of modulations.

At the end of the development, Mozart almost mockingly lets the whole impossible structure collapse, and only the arrival of the recapitulation restores order again. A coda brings the symphony to a close with a dramatic restatement of the opening theme.

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Anderson, E. The daisies from Three Songs, op. Additional Form. Courtesy of G.

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Schirmer, Inc. Due to copyright restrictions, Contributor: Barber, Samuel - G. Schirmer - Stephens, James Date: Night wanderers manuscript 4p. Contributor: Barber, Samuel - Davies, W. William Henry - G.

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