Meeting Carmen: Erotic Tales of Lesbian Lust and Romance

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ONLY ONCE in my twenty years of moonlighting as a music critic have I felt compelled to come out as not entirely impartial when it comes to a musician under review.

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The show never fails to captivate audience members, some of whom see Dear Evan Hansen as a way to let their freak-flags fly. For example, a transman in one of my college classes proudly displayed his novelization of the musical on his desk all semester long.

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Dear Evan Hansen tells the tale of an adolescent introvert who lives behind his laptop screen but soon finds himself in a web of deceit. On full display is the perverse paradox that teenagers today know too well—the more selfies they post, the more they self-stylize via social media, the more detached they feel from others. Before now, fans had to do some Internet-digging to discover that the artist himself is openly gay.

Now on Spring Equinox, Deva's birthday, her world's entire existence is on the verge of a dangerous shift. The dragons and their three sister races have one more ritual to undertake to ensure their secrets are kept and the human world remains oblivious to their presence. As a hybrid of all four races Deva is the key to their safety. She must cast the spell required to reach all the humans tainted by the enemy, even if it comes at the expense of her innocence.

Queen's Move The Queens Book 2. A 1 new release and an International Bestseller! He declared war, she accepted the challenge. Born to the mob, abused by the mob, Vee is queen in a beautiful and brutal city. She has risen up to take over her dead husband's territory. She leads her organization with cool logic, passionate loyalty and an iron will. She's the perfect woman for the job.

Until one cartel refuses to bow to a woman, shattering her dreams. Now she is fighting for her right to rule.

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The Gentleman Butcher is a legend in the mafia for his efficient, gruesome and relentless takeovers. One woman stands in his way and he will dethrone her. A king in his own country, he will capture and tame the furiously independent beauty. He will seize her loyalty for himself and force her to submit to his rule. As they come together, t I wasn't ready" - 5 Star Amazon Review First I wake up on top of a snow-covered mountain, in an unknown place and time.

Then less than an hour later, I'm offered up as some kind of virgin sacrifice to Well, I don't know who he is But he lives in a glacier castle with lots of shiny treasure. Has a long, retractable, forked tongue. Now one thing's for sure.

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If you thought the stories about my grandfather and father were sexy and bigger than life, you had better brace yourself for this DRAGON of a tale. Find out why readers are saying She had me on the edge of my seat If it wasn't for that pesky thing called sle Dangerous Treasure. Jana Sebastian is never at home. Her work as an archaeologist keeps her living out of suitcases and tents in remote locations all across the globe. On her latest dig in California, she meets charismatic Pete Abernathy, a former combat engineer who now specializes in setting up structured camps for archaeology expeditions.

What begins as playful banter soon grows into something much more personal as they seek a lost golden treasure. However, a missing artifact changes everything as their newly formed bond is put to the ultimate test of trust. With both their reputations at stake, will they be able to salvage their careers without casting suspicion on one another? Follow them on a harrowing journey as a mysterious theft leads them not only to the brink of despair, but ultimately takes them o Kenny, your favorite local trash collector, finds a new treasure that may be more than he can handle.

All will work out in the end as he sees himself as a new father along with a very opinionated history professor named name Emily. Kenny can survive the changes as long with finding himself growing a load of patience for enduring Emily. Then come on over and meet our next town folks. Love on a Lark: an Italian love story. African American savant Lark Chambers is young, beautiful and brilliant, an interpreter formerly trained by the United Nations. Fluent in seven languages, she's at the top of her game at Linguistics, Interpreting, Sign and Translation LIST , the company that assigns her to Dario DiRossi, a multi-billion dollar textile heir, and currently her devastatingly handsome boss.

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DiRossi is no threat to her self control, however. As a product of the foster care system, Lark doesn't know the first thing about getting close enough to a man to trust him with her heart. But when a handsome stranger christens her first night in her favorite city of Florence with lovemaking, Lark finds herself confronting the turmoil behind her put- to Dark events are taking place on the campus of St.

Aggie's university, and roommates Olivia and Taylor are about to encounter it with life-shattering results. Olivia, on the run from an an unwanted marriage, tries to disappear into college life. But when her husband Ryan turns up, needing a favor, everything Olivia thought she knew is turned upside down. Can Olivia and Ryan heal their relationship, or will the sisterhood of fear destroy them both?

Taylor faces traumatic memories of her past. While she can never regain what was lost, she's hopeful for the future - most often with Ronnie, the paramedic who saved her life. When they're together, their different races and her past pain fade into the background, and pure, passionate love arises.

But the past is not ready to let go of Taylor, and n After decades battling a population crisis, Nians are hoping that Earth will be the answer. General Zalier has spent the last ten years building a relationship with the people on Earth. As much as he loves being able to help the world, the real reason for the Nian presence is to find partners for his men.

After years running specifically engineered matchmaking software a match has finally been found for him. Lucy is in desperate need of a vacation and hopefully a little vacation romance. When her best friend Ava is injured the night she is scheduled to assist with a hands-on sexual education workshop, Diana is forced to find a short term replacement. The last thing she wants is a new lover, even a paid one. So when Diana knocks on her door with a shockingly delicious favor to ask, Jude seizes the opportunity to learn more.

Their professional relationship is supposed to be a clinical erotic arrangement between a sex therapist and her assistant, but at the intersection of sex and intimacy, anything is possible.

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Even love. She has no time for heroes who, in her experience, lie, cheat, and break hearts. However, her disastrous dating column in the local newspaper proves there are many other pitfalls to finding happiness. Firefighter Carmen Johnson shuns love and commitment, believing her chosen career will likely bring about her early death.

They find themselves battling their willpower and their bodies, where the electric energy is far more hazardous than any inferno. Can Gin and Carmen relinquish their long-held beliefs for a happy ending? Or will the family curse finally claim the next one in line? Sister Mary Margaret has been a devout nun for twenty years and has never questioned her devotion to the calling.

But can she love both Maryann and the Church? She prays for an answer, only to question whether God has truly given her a sign or if she is just afraid to leave the only real home she has ever known. Mary Margaret must reconcile her divided heart or risk losing a love that just might be heaven sent. Animal Control Officer Randi Hansen was blindsided when her girlfriend left her for a smooth operator. Determined to keep her heart safe, she never takes home the same woman twice. But she refuses to live in secret. Eleanor must decide what matters most or lose her chance at love.