New Orleans Mourning: #1, Skip Langdon Mystery Series (The Skip Langdon Series)

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Sign up for our email and never miss a free book again! But during a scrapbooking soiree, somebody has an allergic reaction—scrapbooking rival Yvonne Grayson. She goes into anaphylactic shock and dies, right in front of half the hobbyists in the state of Missouri.

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Appropriate for teens to adults. When a bizarre murder catapults Elliot into his past, he is brought face to face with the fabric of his nightmares.

Risking his job and his sanity, Elliot digs into his past to solve the murders. When ex-CIA agent Christopher Wren walks into a white supremacist bar in northern Utah, he discovers a vast human trafficking organization run with ruthless corporate precision.

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But nobody cares. Wren alone must bring brutal vigilante justice for their crimes, before the spark falls on a coming civil war…. And by the way, they go well with chocolates. The next four mysteries only get more enticing! Can Mira James manage make-out time with guitar-slinging Johnny Leeson while winning a blue ribbon for caging a killer? You bet your last deep-fried Nut Goodie!

So why would a team of killers want to murder him and frame it as a suicide? Lottie Lemon has a bakery to tend to, one too many suitors, and the supernatural ability to see the dead — which is always a warning of ominous things to come. Living in Honey Hollow can be murder. Lizzy turns to her alien-chasing friend, Peace Jones, and a Scottish battlefield ghost to find the killer. Now, all she wants is for her life to return to normal. This tale of a small town sheriff is a breezy and entertaining read, with a compelling lead character. Gritty PI Vincent Malone offers to help.

From there everything goes downhill. Archaeology, Indian artifacts, and crimes from the past weave into a mysterious plot involving political corruption, a wayward priest, millions in stolen relics, forgotten curses, and old misdeeds.

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The brothers have gotten into a good rhythm at their pub and makeshift office, and two job offers have come in. But then comes the sort of case Joey loves… the difficult kind. But his troubles suddenly get a whole lot worse when he returns home one night to find his roommate murdered. A series of clues and desperate men in pursuit leads Peter to question his whole existence, and life will never be the same again! Instead of writing about the weekend bake sale, she has to give a statement to the police.

A fun-filled cozy mystery with the quirkiest characters around. Kindle The New America by P. After the coasts are destroyed, people flock to an area between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains. This is the New America. Madi is horrified when she witnesses a strange, fatal paragliding incident.

But when her private detective boyfriend, Lowell, arrives on the scene, he recognizes the dead man right away. All of a sudden, Lowell is on the list of suspects for a crime where the only witness to the murder is a monkey. But when a terrifying vision reveals a series of horrific crimes taking place in the city, she must get to the bottom of it—before she becomes the next victim…. And what does a mysterious Caribbean island, Castle Cay, have to do with it?

Why did the year-old heiress and her maid live in poverty surrounded by art and antiques? Can she outwit a wily con man? She will fight to keep her skeletons buried, but a scandalous murder puts her entire future in jeopardy… not to mention her life. Can she discover the killer and save her happily ever after? Fields: Three thrilling Sean Kruger novels in one box set!

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New Orleans Mourning

Wicked Girl by I. Olokita: Wicked Girl is no longer dull and comfortable text, but again, just like in my previous books a description of abnormal people in an unhealthy situation. It is a look by the eyes of people who, if I had not written about, would never have been touched by spotlights. This is the glory of the most despised, Departed, neglected people of mankind. Kindle Camilla — The Power of Fate by Rose Fox: Follow the two devoted friends in a drama through rape and betrayal with its dire consequences. A fascinating novel.

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Ends with a tough twist. An unsuspecting Walt soon discovers that his duties include keeping an eye on the heirs who must complete some very specific tasks before claiming their inheritance. Matt Walker witnesses the murder of his parents but is able to escape and remains alive. He loses his ability to hear but finds out he has a unique power called Psychometry. A few years later, a top-secret government armament is stolen during a deadly hijacking at sea and someone intends to sell the powerful weapon to fulfill their own twisted ambitions. At the same time, a ruthless mob boss has a gruesome secret that he must protect no matter the cost.

Florence, Italy, and a wedding. Sardinia, Italy, and a murder. Is there a choice? For Kat and Blaine, there wasn't. A romantic trip to Florence to take part in a wedding becomes a search for the groom's best friend's murderer in Sardinia. This best-selling debut by an award-winning writer is both an eerie contemporary ghost story and a dread-inducing psychological thriller. Maggie is a successful young artist who has had bad luck with men.

On the rugged west coast of Ireland, perched on a wild cliff side, she spies the shell of a cottage that dates back to Great Famine and decides to buy it. When work on the house is done, she invites her dealer to come for the weekend to celebrate along with a couple of women friends, one of whom will become his wife. On the boozy last night, the other friend pulls out an Ouija board.

What sinister thing they summon, once invited, will never go. Ireland is a country haunted by its past.

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In Billy O'Callaghan's hands, its terrible beauty becomes a force of inescapable horror that reaches far back in time, before the Famine, before Christianity, to a pagan place where nature and superstition are bound in an endless knot. A prison guard.

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A postmaster. A Forest Service employee. Department of Agriculture employee. All murdered. They worked for the federal government, but so do a lot of other people. What else did they share? Seems like a serial killer is on the loose. And with a chief of police who is far more interested in catching speeders than he is in catching murderers, someone has to do his job. Maybe Liz should run for chief of police! A page-turning murder mystery with plenty of dogs, food and recipes along with a couple of quirky characters.

A killer is loose in an upscale Sacramento neighborhood. Samantha never intended to kill the President.

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As a doctor, she swore an oath to protect life — not take it. But that was before he ordered the murder of her family. Swept from the frigid New York City winter, Dr.