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Efficiency and productivity is the one goal. I was trained by highly qualified pressers. I was given a tour on my interview. The rate of pay was discussed and I earned what we agreed to upon my interview. The owner's motivational strategy is to humiliate and intimidate his employees. I did not appreciate that so much.

There is a positive atmosphere from a "Good Morning," heard by fellow team members. Most customers appreciate our hard work. The boss gives compliments. There is a good work life balance. Time off is coordinated when needed for family issues-or unexpected issues arise. The people who work there and most of the customers confirm my opinion that most people are good. A few customers give us money to buy lunch periodically.

We have paid employee lunches on our day off periodically to build team spirit. Great work environment.

One Hour Martinizing DC320013 (Formerly BB&T Durham)

I was a cashier I had to count the clothing and separate, I also learned how to use the shirt machine. They had the best workers it was the best job for me at the time. Mad House. Workers are under paid and it's a very stressful place to work. It's a lot of bullying by the managers and no organization at all. Very hot building with no air in the summer. No heat in the winter. Sometimes laid back, sometimes quick.

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Customers were sometimes hard to deal with, and you are expected to maintain a perfect positive composure most of the time. Job was simple tasks with alot of different components that you use everyday. Pay made it not even worth it in the long run Would be a good job for a high school student or someone who is retired and wants something to do. Hot and unappreciative.

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Lack of organization and no chance of excelling or moving up within the company. Owner is fantastic. Front desk manager is horrible. Constantly late and fixing her makeup and shows no respect for anyone.

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Owner included. It was ok. Just not a career for me not a place I want to be years from now. I need more I have a family to take care of and this wasn't the job for me anymore plus to much drama. Fun place to work and productive.

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The day of pressing clothes was something good to know doing something that is very enjoying a easy job to do but sometimes hot but was still a fun job pressing clothes for the customers and working around employees. Very hot I was told a certain pay in interview but did not get it.

The job is very stressful with lack of help it was kind of hard on the other employees to train you when short handed. Most definitely not worth it. Very hot place to work.

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Great people to work with, But it was a very hot place to work in the summer. And you stand a good chance of getting burned more then once. Hours depend on work load, when work was done you were sent home so hours varied. Very hot enviroment. Playing it safe, he sells his tickets to Kramer. When Jerry sees his neighbor, Newman , who is also his nemesis and Martin's friend, he worries that Newman has seen him with Gina.

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He offers to give Newman a Drake's Coffee Cake he has in exchange for his secrecy, but much to his dismay, Elaine has eaten the entire cake due to her lack of willpower during her three-day fast for her ulcer test. Newman tells Martin about the affair as soon as he wakes up, and Jerry is choked. Kramer returns from the Cayman Islands only to reveal that he had an amazing trip, and the one downside was that he was mildly stung by a jellyfish, presumably the bad thing that the psychic predicted. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].