Overcoming Bipolar Disorder and the Stigma

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  • Dealing with stigma or discrimination.
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People may welcome the chance to learn about mood disorders. Know that you deserve respect at all times. Gently but firmly let your friends and family know that depression and bipolar disorder should not be joked about or belittled. Answer questions to help people better understand the illnesses.

Dealing with stigma or discrimination

Self-stigma the belief that you are weak or damaged because of your own illness can sometimes be the most difficult kind of stigma to fight. Self-stigma may cause people to stop their treatment, isolate themselves from loved ones, or give up on things they want to do.

Taking Off the Mask of Bipolar; Remove the stigma from mental illness - Jame Geathers - TEDxAugusta

Focus on your strengths, not your limitations. Know the facts about your biological illness, and keep reminding yourself of them. Spend time with others who have mood disorders at a DBSA support group; discuss feelings of self-stigma with others who can understand. Volunteer with your DBSA group or with other organizations where people need help.

Find out what brings you joy and go after it. Stick with your treatment. Letter-writing can be an effective way to fight stigma and inform a large number of newspaper readers, radio listeners, or policy makers. You might also write a letter to a business you feel is discriminatory.

Mental health stigma | healthdirect

Any time you see stigma, writing a letter can help to educate and empower. DBSA envisions wellness for people who live with depression and bipolar disorder.

Because DBSA was created for individuals living with mood disorders, our vision, mission, and programming are always informed by the personal, lived experience of peers. Click here to sign-up. Education info, training, events.

Fighting Stigma What is stigma? Essentially, people internalize the stigma that they see around them. But you can fight self-stigma. You can feel good about yourself even though you have bipolar disorder. As philosopher Dr. Wayne Dyer said:.

Mental health: Overcoming the stigma of mental illness

Also, remember not everyone feels negatively about those with mental illness, and those are the people you need in your life. Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD.

buysell78alain.dev3.develag.com/322-el-brownie.php All Rights Reserved. According to Dictionary. Dealing with Bipolar and Self-Stigma Some people with bipolar deal with self-stigma. Related Articles. Dealing with Bipolar Depression: How to Cope. List of Bipolar Support Groups Online.