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He finds a matter concerning Allah swt about which he should say something, and he does not say it , so Allah swt says to him on the Day of Resurrection: What prevented you from saying something about such-and-such? It was out of fear of people. Then Allah swt says: Rather it is I whom you should more properly fear " Hadist Qudsi, related by Ibn Majah with a sound chain of authorities.

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah ra, who siad that Rasulullah saw said: From Ibn Umar ra: I heard Rasulullah saw say: Amr ra said that Rasulullah saw said: Ibn Mas'ud ra said that Rasulullah saw said: Abu Hurairah ra said that Rasulullah saw said: Do not try to find fault with each other, do not spy on one another, do not vie with one another, do not envy one another, do not be angry with one another, do not turn away from one another, and be servants of Allah, brothers to one another, as you have been enjoined.

A Muslim is the brother of a muslim, he does him no wrong, nor does he let him down, nor does he despise him. Fear of God is here, fear of God is here, and he pointed to his chest. It is evil enough thata Muslim should look down on his brother. For every muslim is sacred to one another: Allah does not look at your bodies or your forms, or your deeds, but He looks at your hearts".

Jabal ra said that he heard Rasulullah saw say: If permission is given to you, then enter, otherwise leave" Bukhari, Muslim. Rasulullah saw advised that he should cultivate fear of Allah swt, because it is the root and basis of all spiritual actions. Abu Dzar ra then begged for more advice.

Abu Dzar ra again sought further advice and was told: Abu Dzar ra sought further advice, whereupon Rasulullah saw said: Abu Dzar ra asked for more advice, and Rasulullah saw said: When Abu Dzar ra requested further advice, Rasulullah saw said: When Abu Dzar ra again asked for more advice, Rasulullah saw said: It is enough to prove you guilty that you should find in others such faults as you yourself posess, though you may not be aware of them, and that you should find in others such misdeeds as you yourself commit".

After this Rasulullah saw patted the chest of Abu Dzar ra with his loving hand and said: The ruler is a guardian of his subjects and the man is a guardian of his family, the lady is a guardian and is responsible for her husband's house and his offspring; and so all of you are guardians and responsible for your wards". If you attempt to straighten it you will break it, and if you leave it alone it will remain crooked; so act kindly toward women ".


After praising and glorifying Allah swt, he admonished people: In case they are guilty of open indecency, you may leave them alone in their beds and inflict slight punishment. If they are obedient to you,do not have recourse to anything else against them. You have your rights over your wives and they have their rights over you. Your rights is that they shall not permit anyone you dislike to enter your and their rights is that you should treat them well in the matter food and clothing ".

I asked A'isha ra: Once, upon seeing his leg uncovered, some people laughed, whereupon Rasulullah saw said: Umar ra said that Rasulullah saw said: By Allah, he does not truly believe! In Muslim's report it says: And during this month Angel Gabriel used to visit every night and recite the holy Qur'an to him.

At this time the normal generosity of Rasulullah SAW peace be upon him used to be very much increased, faster than the rain-bearing wind. This selection will be stored into your cookies and used automatically in next visits. You can also change the view style at any point from the main header when using the pages with your mobile device. Use mobile version Use desktop version. You seem to have javascript disabled. Please note that many of the page functionalities won't work as expected without javascript enabled.

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