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Our world-leading expertise in this field has enabled us to create around 20 patented consumables available for use with microfluidic systems, with more products being developed.

However, for best results, we recommend combining them with our research instruments and industrial systems. We currently offer the following chemical products to enable the more effective use of microfluidic devices for research applications. A range of biocompatible surfactants that act to stabilise picodroplets and their cellular or molecular contents over a wide range of temperature and biological conditions, making the process more reliable.

A coating agent designed to minimise non-specific binding interactions, improving picodroplet performance and stability and thus enhancing data accuracy.

cajas2.barrica94.cl/map11.php Used to separate picodroplet emulsions into visible aqueous and oil layers for use in single cell and molecule recovery. Made from soft polymer, our microfluidic biochips are compatible with a wide range of commercially available biochip connectors.

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The biochips are suitable for a number of applications, including single cell or particle encapsulation, as well as the generation of picodroplets containing proteins, microcapsules, micro-gel beads and nano-composite beads. Menu Industrial Chemicals.

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These proprietary polymers provide an extra degree of flexibility in formulating. They work to stabilise the emulsion, preventing the coalescence of emulsified oil or water droplets under more extreme conditions.

Some specific benefits of the range are:. Versatility : a single surfactant is capable of emulsifying a wide range of liquids.

Surfactant : Why do surfactants make water adsorbable by a dry soil?