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Markers are pens that contain their own ink source and have a tip made from porous materials such as felt.

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Markers are very versatile drawing and illustration tools and have been customized to suit a wide variety of artistic uses—they are used both for drawing lines as well as for coloring. Markers with fine points are sometimes also referred to as felt-tipped pens. Stickers and rub-ons are adhesive art supplies that allow scrappers and crafters to transfer complex or colorful designs permanently on to almost any surface. Some collectors fashion intricate books full of nothing but stickers; others prefer to use stickers to highlight other aspects of their albums.

Whatever purpose you have in mind, though, MisterArt. Stickers are unique from rub-ons in that they are typically paper designs that include a self-adhesive backing tough enough to bond on to most surfaces. Use our self-adhesive word stickers to create poetry in your scrapbooks! Use word-balloon stickers to caption your favorite photos! Rub-ons are self-adhesive like stickers but must be rubbed by the artist for the adhesive to activate. They allow artists to transfer designs, especially lettering and fonts, on to paper.

Rub-on calligraphy looks perfect every time! If you're ready to devote an entire book to your collection of stickers and rub-ons, MisterArt. Scrappers face unique challenges in storing their art materials—specifically, the volume! Scrappers must organize and keep track of cutting tools, books, papers, markers, stickers, adhesives, glitter, and more in order to document their memories efficiently.

With so many different kinds of art supplies used to create scrapbooks, it's no wonder that there are so many storage solutions available to scrapbookers:. If we don't already offer the lowest price, we'll gladly match it. Every good piece of art begins with a vision: a statement or feeling takes root in an artist's head and becomes an idea that demands to be expressed. Some visions are more easily achieved than others—art can sometimes be just as much an industrial experience as a creative experience. But no matter how far-reaching your dreams, almost any artistic vision can be realized when you have the right tools for the job!

Paper trimmers are tools designed to resize and reshape paper for art projects, often many sheets at once. Paper trimmers typically use measurements to easily and accurately cut paper very swiftly, so that a large volume of paper can be altered in a short amount of time.

Paper trimmers are also very useful for cutting tougher, more resilient paper, such as cardboard, which is more difficult to trim using scissors or utility knives. Possibly the most common paper trimmers utilize adjustable paper guides that hold paper steady for a swinging, bladed arm. There are many paper trimmers designed to cut specific shapes, such as circles or greeting cards.

Paper trimmers come in many different sizes in order to accommodate many different kinds of paper. You can find the best deals on all sorts of paper trimmers at MisterArt.

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Punches are great craft tools used to poke holes in art materials such as paper, leather, and even metal. Some punches are designed to create holes for fasteners such as brads or rings; other punches create a decorative hole, such as a heart shape. Because of the many uses and materials that punches are utilized with, a wide variety of punches have been developed to best accomplish these tasks.

Some punches are designed only to be used on the corner or along the edge of a sheet of paper or other craft supply. For artists who want to poke holes closer to the middle of their artwork, adjustable punches are available that can be placed anywhere you need on your paper project. No matter what kind of punch your art project requires, you'll find discounted prices every day at MisterArt. An essential tool for crafters! Scissors are the perfect way to cut, shape, and customize any paper project safely and easily.

Scissors are great art tools because they're safe enough for kids to use, but sturdy enough to cut even rugged art materials time and time again without sharpening. Because scissors have overlapping blades, they are not symmetrical. This asymmetry is true regardless of the orientation and the shape of the handles: the blade that is on top always forms the same diagonal regardless of orientation. Most scissors are designed to be used in the right hand; left handed scissors have handles which are comfortable to hold in the left hand.

We've also got great deals on embellishment tools! Inks and powders are used to coat stamps, which are then pressed on to paper or another support to create and print image. Patterns are embossing stencils that allow artists to recreate popular designs quickly and easily on a variety of paper sheets and rolls. Stamping and embossing sets included everything a budding artist needs to begin adding reproducible designs to scrapbooks immediately.

Stamp pads are spongy, absorbent pads that have been impregnated with ink. Pressing a stamp down onto a stamp pad coats the stamp quickly and evenly, allowing for rapid, consistent prints. Many tools are available to make producing your own linoleum stamps, embossed designs, and custom prints a snap. I'm so grateful for MisterArt. They have great prices and I've had only great experiences!

Clear Self Adhesive Laminate.

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Giant Sticker Packs. Binding Posts. Classic Stickers. Photo Mounting Sleeves. Infinity Paper Photo Corners. Laminating Film.

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Professional Rolling Trimmers. There are no rules when it comes to Purchase Guide: Scrapbooking Buying Scrapbooking Supplies Online Scrapbooks are a great way to preserve and showcase our favorite stories and memories. There are many different categories of scrapbooking supplies at MisterArt. Albums and Refills Albums are perfect options for toting photographs, media clippings, and other scraps and reproductions and displaying them handsomely.

Cards and Invitations Communication is key to creating functional art, and what better way for two or more artists to communicate than with beautifully-made cards , invitations , and other custom stationery? Embellishments Scrapbooks don't look like normal books. Embossing and Stamps Put your seal of approval on your work. Lighting As any experienced scrapper will tell you, the beauty of scrapbooks lies in the details.

Paints and Finishes Paints and finishes can give any scrapbook a whole new look and texture. When buying paper online, there are a few considerations to take into account: Grade —The quality of a sheet of paper is referred to as its "grade. Rough paper is highly textured, with many grooves, hills, valleys, and indentations. Hot Pressed means the paper has been pressed with hot rollers during its manufacture.

Hot pressed paper has a smooth surface with little to no tooth. It's well suited for precise detail and illustration. And because it is fine-grained, it's also good for even applications of color. Cold Pressed paper is made with cold rollers. It has a slightly textured surface that's perfect for mediums such as watercolor and charcoal that require some tooth. Pens and Markers Pens and markers are perhaps the scrapbooker's fondest and handiest tool for customizing photos, clippings, and more.

Stickers and Rub-ons Stickers and rub-ons are adhesive art supplies that allow scrappers and crafters to transfer complex or colorful designs permanently on to almost any surface. Storage Scrappers face unique challenges in storing their art materials—specifically, the volume!

With so many different kinds of art supplies used to create scrapbooks, it's no wonder that there are so many storage solutions available to scrapbookers: Studio organizers, with their shelves and drawers, are great for storing tools and papers.

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Organizers come in many different sizes and designs, from massive shelving units to compact chests on wheels. Keep all of your scrapbook supplies organized and easy to find! Tote bags are a handy way to throw a lot of supplies together before hitting the road. These versatile carriers can be used to store a variety of cutting tools, adhesives, scissors, envelopes, and paper, keeping everything safe and clean as you travel. Storage boxes contain many different compartments in which to stow away scrapbooking supplies of all sizes and shapes.

From tiny bottles of glitter to giant pairs of scissors, these rigid carrying cases keep your art supplies separate and secure. Storage folders keep paper, completed pages, magazines, photos, and other flat scrapbook supplies smooth, safe, and wrinkle-free. Label each folder to make sorting through their contents a snap.

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Scrapbooking - Scrapbooks, albums, stickers, adhesives, cardstock, and more Featured Scrapbooking Products. Giant Sticker Packs by Mrs. Grossman's Oversized stickers in a variety of shapes. Binding Posts by Lineco Easily fasten album and scrapbook pages. Classic Stickers by Sticko Make scrapbooking sticky. Photo Mounting Sleeves by Lineco Simple and effective. You May Also Like Laminating Film by Grafix. Professional Rolling Trimmers by Dahle. Call Us!

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