The Mountain and The City, Part III

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Altidore had the opening goal in the final victory. He had 11 goals in 22 regular season games this season. In the two previous championship game appearances, the Sounders have exactly zero goals. They played Toronto to a draw over minutes in the final before prevailing on penalties.


Toronto dominated the final in a victory in which Seattle managed just two shots on target. He saved a penalty from Josef Martinez early in the match when Atlanta had a chance to go ahead Westberg has made 14 saves over the three playoff games. Advertising Choices. Nov 9, at p ET. We sat down and had our chat about things I liked and disliked about my time in Georgia. I'd like to tell you more, but instead I have a better offer. I will soon show you! Once it is aired, I will be given the link and then shall post it here on this website so you can see it for yourself. What did we discuss?

Did I come off as witty or boring or insane? How long has my beard gotten? Did I look handsome or homeless or both? All of these will be answered!

Part III: Killing the dominant male

But rest assured, my friends, it will be awesome! I know since I was there. It has been a long, grueling road to get to this point and by long I actually mean short since I just started this thing in March , but now the dream is becoming reality. And to top it all off, I was asked to make it all the more exciting, at the end of it, I was asked to start writing for Georgia's largest English-speaking publication!

It will even be sent to embassies and other things like that! So next year, I'll return once more. On a personal level, I feel like somebody from the early s who just road a plane for the first time not one of the planes that crashed. One of the ones that made it. I'm still in a bit of disbelief that this can actually happen. Notoriety and future paid work just by writing stories and making cartoons about my various mishaps around the world?

People can fly in that thing? Can't be! There must be a string somewhere No wait! It's real! I'm usually a rather calm, relaxed person and since I've had so many bizarre experiences, it often takes a lot to get me startled or scared. That said, there is one thing that never fails to terrify me: Georgian drivers. Now let me set the record straight.

I absolutely enjoy Georgia. I've already returned twice in two years including this current six week trip ever since my initial visit and I've made it my goal to see every corner of the country. I've adored every bit of it, except those moments where I come within inches of dying in a flaming wreckage on the side of the road.

And unfortunately, this seemed to happen at least two or three times per road trip. Let's take the one I did yesterday, for example. It was a three hour ride from a town called Zugdidi to Mestia. Conditions were But with one hand firmly grasped on a cell phone, the other on a cigarette, our driver persisted at rapid pace, passing anyone and everyone along the way.

Blind turns? No fear. Oncoming traffic? Time to win a game of chicken. There wasn't any daring move this guy wouldn't take. He said our trip was going to be three hours, and goddamn it, nothing was going to stop that from happening!

Let's make some memories

Or so we thought. Just as we were coming around another blind turn, about a dozen cars and trucks stood motionless in our path, blocking the way. With a rock wall to one side and a sharp drop off a cliff to the other, we had no choice but to come to a screeching halt. The driver then opened the doors, letting me and the other passengers out to see what was going on. Based on everything I'd already seen on Georgian roads, I had a pretty good idea of what this could be. Moments later, my suspicion was confirmed.

At the center of the car congregation were two vehicles smashed to pieces and wedged into one another. Imagine if Optimus Prime had a child with terrible birth defects, and that pretty much summed up the scene on hand. Clearly, breaks were not used, but thankfully, no one seemed to be badly hurt. The problem was, for us, that the road the only road going to Mestia was now entirely blocked. It was time to play the waiting game Thankfully though, my travel buddies and I found a rickety old bridge suspended over a river, and since I am easily amused by bizarre things, this kept me occupied for the next 45 minutes.

After that, we proceeded to wander around the scene until we came across an unusual red van. Out of its window, a friendly barking dog peeked its head out to shout at passers by.

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By this, I was now even more intrigued. I made my way over, maneuvering my way through and occasionally bumping into the various people standing about as if I were a snake that had one too many drinks. In the car sat a tall man and a dog. Wanting to know more, I introduced myself and asked for their story, which turned out to be so interesting and awesome, I'll omit it from this post in order to save time yes, I can be cruel like that.

Perspectives on Travel Writing (Part III) - The Cambridge History of Travel Writing

However, if you want to know, check out the post entitled Ben and Ella in the Awesome People section. Finally, after an hour, the army arrived the actual Georgian Army in a large military truck. Soldiers hopped out in full gear and made their way to the accident. Shortly after, they yanked the cars apart and cleared the way, thus allowing us to finally pass through to our ultimate destination. But all of this got me thinking.

Georgian driving is completely unlike anything I'd ever experienced in life. In just a short period of time, I've seen traffic jams caused be sheep and cows, police officers giving rides to hitchhikers, people driving off the road onto the grass including on highways just to pass other drivers, and one guy using his car's engine to dry marijuana leaves. Here is how I've tried to make sense of it. Upon arrival, I was told that Georgians are incredibly and welcoming in all situations except one: when behind the wheel.

That's when everything changes.

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The welcoming hosts turn into bloodthirsty warriors in hot pursuit of a desired destination. Here is the unspoken code to drive by. Ok, this may sound terrifying.

And I do admit, I was incredibly terrified during my first ever Georgian taxi ride see story Taxi of Terror. I thought at any moment I was going to die in a flaming wreckage on the side of the road.

"The Big Sur 4K Experience Part III: Mcway Falls to Foggy Mountains" Nature Relaxation Experience

Somehow though, I didn't.