The Year of Plenty (The Newcombe Creek Chronicles)

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I hope so, at least. The Austin, Texas-based band calls its brand of music Cosmic Americana, which takes it beyond a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll into the territory of indie music. So it's cosmic and slightly psychedelic.

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Alt-country is a term also used to describe them and is plain in their sophomore album "Can't Stand Still," released in January , in the twang of songs such as "Sunshine Come" and "Steel. I didn't have time to write, I was so busy. The current tour is geographically compact to allow for more downtime. This tour is fun - two shows in the Springs, two shows in Boulder and two shows in Laramie," Wyo. So we're not just sitting in a car or a bar all the time. Russell, 37, a Brooklyn, N.

How did they hook up with Front Range Barbeque? You tend to have a lot of Texas expats in Colorado, and that's about the closest venue we can get to in Colorado from Texas," Russell said. The Lonesome Heroes will be back in the summer on a second tour through these parts. As soon as we get about 10, feet, we just have so much fun," Russell said. All the cool kids do it. Colorado is more free-form. Our minds have most likely wiped clean the memories of our first steps or our first ice cream cone. After years of hearing friends talk about the magic that encircles the three-day festival, the self-proclaimed cosmic Americana band is scheduled to play and attend the three-day festival on July 8 and July 9.

Held in the woods on the edge of Veneta, the event combines food booths, stilt walkers, dream trees, artisans, jugglers, vaudeville performers, yoginis, artisans, puppeteers and more in a full-on daytime celebration. It was a deeply personal record, as it was the first after Russell had ended his songwriting and romantic relationship with former Lonesome Hero Landry McMeans. It was on the trip to Australia in the fall of that the band was able to finally take a collective breath and start working on new music.

Cosmic Americana is a flexible term to describe a flexible band, one who is just at home in a honkey tonk bar as they are at an outdoor festival. Ruby Boots, has personally chosen the traveling troubadours as a combination of backing band and tour guides, in addition to performing a set of their own, as they show her around their favorite Texas haunts.

The rising star from Down Under possesses a soulful voice that crackles with swagger and sorrow. Her fiercely honest lyrics strike deep into your heart while her music delivers an alluring mix of country, rock, folk and blues. Since starting her music career in , Ruby has become red-hot in her homeland. What I really appreciate about their approach is that they come across as the real deal.

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I can smell the desert and the wide open spaces on each track. They played the inaugural Dashville Skyline festival as well as shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Though their name may be new to many alt. Full interview here. The Lonesome Heroes mainstay has just made a mad, thousand-mile, eyes-pinned-to-the-road-drive to get home to Austin, Texas.

And not everyone drives a pickup truck with a dog in the back. Labor Day Monday negates any excuse not to stay out late on the Sabbath. Gram Parsons understood the notion of Americana before there was even a name for it. Nashville Skyline was my first exposure to country music. I had never heard a Dobro, pedal steel, or Johnny Cash before this record. Fifteen years after discovering this record, I still love it.

I think good Americana and roots music has a timeless quality to it and never gets old.

Later in College I found Charm of the Highway Strip, an album of highway songs with country and folk instruments mixed together with distorted dance like drums. It sounds nothing like any folk or country music I have ever heard, but still uses classic song writing motifs of American Pop music.

The Year Of Plenty Newcombe Creek Chronicles

He is one of the few writers that can name drop historical figures like Jesse James, William Tell, Calamity Jane, and Wild Bill in 3 minute pop song, and make it sound so cool. I like to think of our music as a combination of older roots sounds with modern sounds, not an attempt at a retro throwback sound. Stephen Merritt is the master of this. Much of the same impression is conveyed via the quartet that currently embodies the Heroes. He also plugs a vintage Gibson acoustic into a s Fender Super Reverb, a 4 by foot combo amplifier not generally associated with acoustic instruments.

It gives the music a dreamy reverb and high-end sparkle that further distinguishes the rhythm bed. The restructuring of the band includes the addition of frequent collaborator and monster guitarist Gary Newcomb, thoughtful drummer Dave Sims Jr. A month later, WhatBand Records released the album on vinyl.

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The killer album art features a Teton backdrop with paragliders in the foreground, the work of local painter Travis Walker. More than 1, shows in 28 states, the Heroes bring a veteran sound that still breathes enthusiasm, making their staple trip up Highway from Texas to Wyoming for the eight straight year. It has been so great to be a solid, steady lineup for three years now.

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The band is road tested and ready to rock. We are super excited to make our annual summer pilgrimage through the Tetons before we embark upon our next big adventure to Aussie land.

Come September, the band will lift off to Australia for a 22 date run that includes the Dashville Skyline Americana Festival. What : First, get a copy of that album already.

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Secondly, enjoy their sounds live at their May residency. The music kicks off at 8 p. Gonna be good times with great music. I recently left Austin and moved West. I instinctively hear Austin in the shuffling drums and the ringing pedal steel guitar, and I think about the past instead of the future. The Lonesome Heroes are a good fit for a homesick Texan.

A lot of the record reminds me of a chilled out mid-tempo version of a song by the now-defunct Whitman. This is a friendly country record for a rocker like me. For those of us who knew the sound of the Lonesome Heroes with her harmony, the loss is felt. Photo by Christopher Paul Cardoza. Russell formed the band with Landry McMeans in Austin seven years ago, and the duo traveled around the country in an old trailer that perfectly captured their old-fashioned aesthetic.

McMeans and Russell parted ways in , but Russell soon reformed the Lonesome Heroes as a full band. Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing a stream of the record, which you can enjoy below. Pedal steel, vibraphone, horns and organ also feature on the album, a sure sign that a new musical chemistry is at play. From our hearts and ears to yours, be sure to catch these incredible musicians in action during SXSW. Their passion for classic Country and Americana is as pervasive as their live performances are captivating.

In the meantime, Carlos J. Check out these cool photos! The cosmic American sounds of band The Lonesome Heroes are back from Austin touring through the Southwest and sharing their new folk country, indie rock music. - Zeitungen aus der ganzen Welt

On Aug. Espina St. Originally from Brooklyn, front man Rich Russell moved to Austin with the intention to play country music. Spending his first year in an old abandoned nursing home that served as a housing co-op for musicians, Russell then connected with Landry McMeans to form the original duo that named themselves after Leonard Cohen's song "Lonesome Heroes. The touring band is comprised of Rich on vocals and guitar, producer Gary Newcomb on guitar, Nick Lochman with vocals and upright bass and Dave Sims Jr.

Not quite country, but not quite indie rock, the band has struggled with a way to define what exactly their genre is. Being from Austin, the band has been put into a "Texas country" category, but that is not their sound, at all.