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Color me unimpressed. And to many speakers, they sound like errors for trustworthy and its negative form, untrustworthy. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day?

Am I trustworthy?

Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! I am unaware of any association of untrustworthy with blacks in America. If there is one it must be far too obscure to affect popular usage of the word.

I think this is another of many examples of people inventing words that simply do not need to exist out of ignorance, unknowledgeableness, and not-knowingness. We have a long and growing list: normalcy, legitimize, administrate, intention, etc.

Even successful public relations is no longer enough to protect a company’s reputation.

However, it still sounds like a made-up word to me. Consumers are ready to buy trust, and are supporting brands that are stepping up to protect our world and our communities. Customers want brands that align with their personal values. Here are four trust-building strategies to build exactly what the modern customer craves: a culture of authenticity. Instead, consider how you can shift your operations and outreach to better protect and benefit society and take a stand on social issues important to your customers.

Millennials are especially interested in sustainability, and they reward companies with their dollars when they see them taking environmental stewardship seriously.

Trustworthy | Definition of Trustworthy at

The company sources fibers from recycled water bottles to weave shoes using a 3D knitting machine. It results in virtually no fabric left on the cutting room floor. Many brands are also thinking about how to design their products to help customers meet their own sustainability goals. People feel inspired when they engage with brands that take their concerns seriously, whether that concern is for themselves or the world around them.

To inspire customer confidence, commit to making a real investment in what your brand stands for.

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Can you be trusted? First, you live with integrity. It means what you see is what you get.

9 Traits of Trustworthy People

You are the real deal, because your actions match your words. Learning to live with integrity and keep your promises will show others that you can be trusted and will also make you a much happier person. Connect with Pastor Rick Warren. Listen Donate. Talk It Over Why do you think the Bible compares a reliable friend to a refreshing drink in sweltering heat?